April 22, 2024
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Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox Tag Levi Karter!

Mickey Knox is the type of guy who likes to explore and he likes doing ittogether with his boyfriend – Colby Chambers. The two of them tend toget into a lot of trouble when they’re on the road traveling andmeeting boys but there is one thing that really turns Mickey on andthat’s watching his boyfriend fuck another guy. So today ColbyChambers and Mickey Knox get to tag team Levi Karter and Mickey getsto enjoy watching his man work over Levi before joining in the fun.

It’sa rainy day and Mickey, Colby & Levi are in their room lookingover the NY skyline while butt naked. They don’t care if anyonesees them. They’re not afraid or ashamed of who they are or whatthey’re doing. They start making out and it’s not long beforeLevi finds himself on his knees with both cocks shoved in his mouthat the same time. We all know Levi loves sucking cock but give himtwo dicks at once and he’s obviously in heaven. Colby is clearlythe more dominant one in the relationship and he likes to guideMickey and tell him what to do. And he’s definitely not shy abouttelling Mickey to fuck Levi’s throat as hard as he can. Then theymove on the bed for a circle 3-way blowjob where Levi shoots over hishead and Mickey licks it all up. But when you have pros like thesethree guys, that’s just the warm up. There are so many positions totry and nothing is off limits. The exploration continues when they goin the shower to clean up and Mickey finally gets to enjoy watchingColby play around with Levi’s ass. Of course seeing that gets himexcited again he’s ready to turn it into a 3-way fuckfest in notime. After tag-teaming Levi and fucking him from both ends it isthen Mickey’s turn who can’t stop gagging on his boyfriend’scock as Levi fucks the precum out of him. But the main event is yetto happen. Mickey lays on the bed so Levi can get on top of him andlet Colby put his dick in his hole too so that both Mickey and Colbycan fuck Levi at the same time. Levi of course takes both cocks likea champ until they all decide to switch things up and let Levi fuckMickey while Colby fucks Levi. Needless to say all this exploringmakes the three studs blow their loads at the same time and fillingup Mickey’s mouth with cum. Mickey sure got what he wanted and morebut so did Levi and Colby!

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